No Cloudspaces Available to Launch your Deployment

When attempting to deploy a system, the following error message may appear: "Sorry, you don't have access to any cloudspaces that can run this deployment." The reasons for receiving this message are listed below.

Wrong Project Selected

  • If the wrong Project is selected, you may not be able to launch your Deployment.
To fix:
  • Your default project is set to "Community" upon account creation, so you will have to change your default project. Also, make sure to select the Project associated with the Cloudspace you are deploying into. Select the "Project" drop down menu in the top-right corner of the page.

System Design not be supported in the Cloudspace

  • Your Deployment contains 1 or more system(s) defined by one of the following specifications:
    • Operating System
    • Number of CPUs
    • Memory / RAM
    • Boot disk size
    • Additional disks
  • One or more System(s) in your Deployment may not include an OS Template that meets your system specification. For example, if you attempted to deploy Amazon Linux into Azure.
To Fix:

Contact one of your Team Managers, he/she can review the Operating System (OS) templates in each cloudspace and check the specifications on each one.

If you are a Team Manager:

  • From the Main Nav Menu, select Cloudspaces
  • Select your Cloudspace
  • Click on the OS Templates Tab
  • Ensure the Selected Operating System exists
  • If it exists, click on it to review specifications for comparision to the sytem designs

If none of the above solve the problem, please submit a [Support Request](mailto:

More Help

Learn more about OS template troubleshooting via our Youtube video series: