Asset Install Problems

Asset Exited with a Non-Zero Code

CONS3RT runs each asset in order as specified in the System Builder for the underlying System asset by executing the install script for the asset. After script execution CONS3RT reviews the exit code returned by the script. If the script was unable to execute properly, or if the install script exited with a non-zero code: CONS3RT will assume the install script failed, stop the Deployment Run provisioning, and notify you with the asset that failed to install.

Note: Assets returning exit codes are dependent on the asset developer, it is possible an asset can fail but return a successful "code 0" if coded that way by the asset developer. See the asset's "Help" page for information about exit codes from the asset developer.

CONS3RT looks for the exit code of your primary Install Script

• 0 = CONS3RT assumes success, proceeds to next asset

• 255 = CONS3RT assumes failure but proceeds to next asset

• Non-Zero = CONS3RT assumes failure, halts, and notifies user

Asset Log Files

In the event of an asset install failure, the first place to look is the CONS3RT agent log files. The CONS3RT Agent runs on each Deployment Run host, executes the asset install scripts, and captures the STDOUT and STDERR script output. The CONS3RT agent captures script output in log files in the following directories:

  • Linux: /opt/cons3rt-agent/log
  • Windows: C:\cons3rt-agent\log

Note: These log files can be reviewed any time, even while your system is still deploying. Simply connect to your host over Remote Access, and monitor these log files.

Asset files on your Machine

You can log in to the machine and find the asset install script and media files at the following locations:

  • Linux: /opt/cons3rt-agent/run/Deployment12345/Scenario12345/HOSTNAME/assets/ASSET_ID/
  • Windows: C:\cons3rt-agent\run\Deployment12345\Scenario12345\HOSTNAME\assets\ASSET_ID\

Review System Logs in the UI

You can also view your system log files in the CONS3RT UI, without having to log in to the Deployment Run hosts. System logs in the UI contain the contents of the CONS3RT agent log files described above, these are copied periodically to be made available in the UI. To access the System Logs:

  • Navigate to the Deployment Run page
  • Select the Deployment Run host that you'd like to review by clicking on the "Card" for the host. This will load the details for the host.
  • In the top-right corner, click the >_ System Log icon to access the System logs!

Note: CONS3RT agent log files on the system itself may have more content depending on timing, since the log files are periodically copied to be made available in the system log viewer in the UI.

Asset-Specific Log Files

When you create a software asset with an install script, you may create your own log files in your own preferred locations. If this is the case, be sure to review your own asset-specific log files. These directories are recommended for asset-specific log files:

  • Linux: /var/log/cons3rt/
  • Windows: C:\log

My Asset Appears to be Hung Up!

Sometimes when developing an asset, the asset being installed may be stuck waiting for user input, or stuck in a loop, etc. When this happens, your Deployment Run will be stuck in the "Building Systems" phase. If this is the case, the first place to look is the CONS3RT agent logs as described above, to find out what asset is hung up. Next, depending on the verbosity of the asset's install script, try to deduce what step of the install script is stuck.

Note: Logging, Logging, and more Logging!!! Adding log outputs at each step of an install script can help greatly when determining where an asset is hung up. If you still need help feel free to enter a support ticket!.

More Help

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