Managing your Cloudspaces

As the Team Manager, you can manage your team's Cloudspaces by:

  • Rename cloudspaces
  • Setting cloudspaces to Active or Inactive
  • Viewing connectivity status
  • Assigning projects to Cloudspaces
  • Enable/Disable Remote Access
  • Set a Maximum Virtual Machines Limit
  • Unregistering and/or deallocate your Cloudspaces

Rename a Cloudspace

  • Click Cloudspaces on the main menu
  • Click on the cloudspace to rename
  • Click Manage at the top-right
  • Under Basic Info, rename the cloudspace as needed
  • Click Save

Cloudspace Active/Inactive States

As the Team Manager, you may set your Cloudspace to be Active or Inactive. CONS3RT will also maintain a Connectivity status displayed as a green, orange, or red dot on the cloudspace page.

  • Active - Your Cloudspace is available to your projects for provisioning and remote access
  • Inactive - Your Cloudspace in not available to your projects. You can deactivate your Cloudspace as long as there are no active Deployment Runs

To change the Active/Inactive state:

  1. Navigate to the Cloudspace page
  2. Click on the ... Actions icon next to the "Manage" button at the top right
  3. Select Deactivate/Active this Cloudspace

If you need to release deployment runs to deactivate your cloudspace:

  1. Click on the Deployment Runs tab on the cloudspace page
  2. Next to Deployment Runs in the Available state, and click the "3 dots" icon
  3. Select Release on each available Run
  4. When complete, re-try deactivating your Cloudspace

Connectivity Status

CONS3RT periodically rechecks connectivity to Active Cloudspaces and updates the connectivity status. You can see the status as a green, orange, or red dot on the each cloudspace's page.

  • Connected - Connectivity checks passed, shows a green dot
  • Unreachable - Connectivity check failed to the Cloudspace. This can occur due to:
    • Cloud outage
    • Incorrect or expired Cloudspace credentials
    • Firewall issue

For help troubleshooting Cloudspace connectivity issues, see this article.

Assign Projects to Cloudspaces

Projects can only provision, and access resources in assigned Cloudspaces. To do this:

  1. On the Cloudspace page, click Manage
  2. Click the Projects tab
  3. Click the Add button, search for and add your projects to your Cloudspaces

To remove a project from a Cloudspace:

  1. On the Cloudspace page, click Manage
  2. Click the Projects tab
  3. Click the X button to remove a project from the Cloudspace

As the Team Manager, you decide which projects can access which Cloudspaces. Here are a few use cases to consider for setting up your Cloudspaces:

Note: If you need new Cloudspaces created in HmC submit a support ticket

Use Case: Integration in One Big Cloudspace
  • Simplest if you only have 1 project
  • Mutiple projects can integrate together on the same networks in one Cloudspaces
  • Great when you do not need to split up resources across multiple Cloudspaces
  • If you have multiple projects that want to keep their assets private but need to integrate together
  • Custom networking in your Cloudspace
Use Case: Segregated Cloud Resources
  • When VMs, containers, or other cloud resources need to be segregated by a firewall
  • Great for splitting up development, test, and production environments
  • Multiple groups need separate assets and resources, for example during a vendor evaluation

Enable/Disable Remote Access

As the team manager, you control whether to enable or disable Remote Access in your Cloudspaces. To enable Remote Access:

  1. On the Cloudspace page, click Manage at the top-right
  2. Click the Remote Access on the left
  3. Check the Enable Remote Access checkbox
  4. Leave the defaults for Remote Access IP Address and Port
  5. For Instance Type select small, medium, or large. In most cases a small works best, and can save compute costs in commercial cloud providers like AWS or Azure
  6. (Advanced) Only set a Template Name if a standard OS template is not available in your cloudspace. Otherwise leave this blank
  7. Click Save

This will start up the Remote Access server in your cloudspace. Remote Access should be available in 10-15 minutes. Once available, the remote access status shows as Online with a green dot, and deployment run hosts will have a Connect button available.

CONS3RT automatically re-deploys the remote access server periodically to keep up the latest versions and security updates. The redeployment occurs between 2-3am on a weekend.

To disable remote access in your cloudspace:

  1. On the cloudspace page, click Manage at the top-right
  2. Click the Remote Access on the left
  3. Uncheck the Enable Remote Access checkbox
  4. Click Save

This will release the remote access server from your Cloudspace. Connect buttons dissappear from available runs in the cloudspace, and can no longer be accessed.

Set a Maximum Virtual Machines Limit

By default the maximum virtual machines for each Cloudspace is set to unlimited. Virtual machine limits are tracked at the team and project levels. However there may be a situation where you may wish to impose a virual machine limit on the cloudspace. For example, as a failsafe for limiting AWS on-demand charges. To update the limit:

  1. On the Cloudspace page, click Manage and look under Basic Info
  2. Next to Maximum Virtual Machines you can check or uncheck the Unlimited checkbox, or set an integer limit

Unregister and Deallocate a Cloudspace

Unregistering a Cloudspace will remove the Cloudspace and all history of it from CONS3RT.

Deallocating a Cloudspace means, in addition to unregistering, also remove and terminate the actual cloud resources:

  • vCloud: Virtual Data Center (VDC), Edge Gateways, Edge IPs are released back to the pool
  • AWS: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), NAT boxes, Security Groups, Key Pairs, Elastic IPs, IAM users, groups, and policies created for this Cloudspace are deleted
  • Openstack: Network resources, NAT boxes, Security Groups, Key Pairs, Floating IPs
  • Azure: Resource Group, NAT boxes, Security Groups, Storage Account, Public IPs

To unregister and deallocate your cloudspace:

  1. On the Cloudspace page, click Manage
  2. Click the Projects tab, and click X to remove each project
  3. Click the Remote Access tab, and disable remote access
  4. Click the Deployment Runs tab, click Release for each available deployment run, and click Delete for each inactive deployment run
  5. Click ...Actions and click Deactivate this Cloudspace
  6. Click ...Actions and click Unregister this Cloudspace
  7. To also (optionally) deallocate the cloudspace, check the Deallocate checkbox that pops up

This will completely purge the Cloudspace and all history off it from CONS3RT.

More Help

Learn more about managing cloudspaces via our Youtube video series: