Connect Your CONS3RT Project With Slack

Integrating your CONS3RT Project with a Slack Team allows project members to receive notifications of key events and gives users access to slash commands, which provides real time information from CONS3RT

Installing the Slack integration requires a CONS3RT user account and is limited to owners of a CONS3RT project. For an overview of CONS3RT and the benefits of a CONS3RT account, please read the overview.


A Project Owner can add Slack Team integrations to their project.

To get started, navigate to the project landing page using the menu icon on the top left:

Project Dropdown

Select the project to associate with the slack team, click the manage button, and select apps from the dropdown:

Project Integrations Listing

Clicking anywhere on the slack app details will bring up the app integration option:

Slack Integration

Click the "Connect to Slack" button which will authenticate your Slack team, allow you to choose what Slack Channel your team would like notifications sent to, and share that information with CONS3RT.

Slack Integration Success

Thats it. You're Integrated!


The CONS3RT Slack integration provides team members access to the /cons3rt slash command. To see a list of supported slash command features, simply type /cons3rt help from within Slack.


Slack App Configuration currently consists of three main areas:

  • Integration Status
  • Notification Settings
  • Team Members

Integration Status

Slack Integration Status

The enabled check box allows a Project Administrator to disable the slack integration for the project. If the integration is disabled, project members will no longer receive notifications regardless of the current status of the notification settings. They also will not be able to use slash command calls which require authentication (such as runs or project). However, other calls (such as help or support) will still be usable.

Notification Settings

Slack Notification Settings

These notification settings allow a user to enable or disable slack notifications for particular CONS3RT events. If an event type is disabled no notification will be sent. These settings can be changed at any time and will be reflected the next time that type of event occurs.

Team Members

Upon registration, an attempt will be made to correlate all members in your project to users within your slack team. This correlation is done via email addresses, full names, and usernames. The results are represented by the table below:

Slack Team Members

Any project member who was not successfully correlated will have an empty dropdown. The drop downs include every user in the slack team. All member correlations can be updated at any time to reflect a new association with a slack team member. Note: two project members cannot share the same slack team member

Have Usage Questions or Need Additional Support?

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