CONS3RT Overview

CONS3RT is a cloud orchestration and cloud services software, empowering users to leverage public and private clouds in developing, validating, securing and fielding software systems that enable them to achieve their objectives of Agile Development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

CONS3RT provides the access to, and automation of, the resources necessary for the development, testing and fielding of simple to complex software systems, pulling from a library of various assets (software tools, virtual systems, networks, tests, etc.) and a collection of powerful provisioning, testing and code building services. Users are able to collaborate in new ways on the design and execution of their systems. They can easily build on top of previous best practices and ideas via the library.

Creating on-demand DevOps tool chains will enable organizations to move towards industry best practices. With its adaptable, open platform approach, CONS3RT can be extended to incorporate additional clouds, tools and services in order to match the user's needs.

An organization can make the fundamental shift away from hand crafting a server to self-documenting system designs. While a hand crafted server can often be a testament to the skill and determination of a key team member, it is rarely scalable or reproducible. By contrast, a self-executing system design can be pushed to multiple clouds, by multiple team members.

CONS3RT empowers the user with the ability to...

  • Work in private, secure project spaces
  • Collect and share a library of building blocks
  • Use these building blocks to create simple to complex multiple system scenarios
  • Install and configure multiple software applications, data sets and configurations
  • Launch into one or more public and/or private cloud resources
  • Easily and securely connect to system console
  • Run manual and automated tests and security scans
  • Save, manage and reuse all resources
  • Build a community around similar development challenges and library components
  • Access best-of-breed tools
  • Automate the entire process!