Joining a Project

When your account is registered and approved into CONS3RT, you will be able to log in and navigate the site but to build assets and deploy machines, you need to be:

  • Added to an active project or request a new project
  • Granted permissions by a project owner

Each project self-manages access to their own projects, so you need to contact the project to be added. The community team does not grant access to projects. Please use the instructions below to request access:

Request Access to a Project

  • From the menu at the top of the page, click "Projects"
  • Search or browse to the project you would like to join
  • Click the Project you'd like to request access to
  • Click the Request Access button, this will notify the project owners

Setting up your Projects

  • Once your Project Request is approved, log out and log back in to access your project.
  • If you have multiple projects, you can switch projects using the Switch Project button at the top-left
  • Be sure to set your Default Project if you have more than one

More Help

Learn more about joining a project with our video tutorials: