Sonar Scans

How to Run a Sonar Scan

Step 1: Create a Sonar Test Asset

There is a Sample Sonar Scan asset on Github you can use out-of-the-box, or customize. Please see the sample Sonar Asset for instructions on how to use or create your Test Asset.

Step 2: Create a Deployment

  • Create a Deployment and add the Sonar Test Asset from Step 1. You DO NOT need to add a Scenario to your Sonar Deployment.

Step 3: Launch the Deployment

Step 4: Download Test Results

  • Sit back and get some work done while you wait for the Run to complete.
  • Once you receive your email notification, navigate to "Runs" on the Main Nav menu
  • Select your Run
  • On the Run page, select the Test Results tab and download the PDF of the test report.
  • Fix any, vulnerabilities and click Re-Run to re-deploy and get new Sonar Scan results!

Note: The Sonar CLI tool used to run the scans has been deprecated, the development team is working on a replacement.