Custom Networking for Scanning in DISA milCloud

By default, the CONS3RT Elastic Test Tool VMs connect to the "CEMS network" in your HmC VDC. In order to allow the test tool VMs to scan additional networks inside your DISA milCloud VDC, a custom Red Hat 6 template may be required. To create this custom template:

  1. Log in to your HmC VDC in vCloud
  2. Click on Catalogs
  3. Select Public Catalogs
  4. Under Public Catalogs, select vApp Templates
  5. Scroll to the template named template-rhel6-x64
  6. Right-click on template-rhel6-x64 and select Add to MyCloud, follow the wizard and click Finish. Note: the vApp does not need to be powered on.
  7. Click on MyCloud
  8. When the vApp has created, click on it to view the VM inside
  9. Right-click on the RHEL6 VM, click Properties, then click Hardware
  10. Scroll down to NICs, and click the Add button and select the cems network. Note: the CEMS network must be NIC# 0.
  11. Click the Add button again, and select the additional networks you'd like to connect to.
  12. Ensure the cems network is selected as the Primary NIC.
  13. Click OK
  14. Click back to the list of vApps
  15. Right-click on the new vApp, and select Add to Catalog
  16. Select your local catalog
  17. IMPORTANT: Set the name to template-rhel6-x64
  18. Set Storage Lease to Never Expires
  19. Click OK
  20. Once the template has been created in the catalog, you may delete the vApp from MyCloud

On your next run of your Elastic Test Tool run, CONS3RT will automatically select your newly created OS template, which will be connected to the required networks.

If you have any issues, please enter a support ticket by emailing