Launching a Deployment

Once you have created your Deployment, there are 3 sections to the launch wizard that you will need to fill out.

Base Settings

  1. Select Cloudspace: It needs to be a cloudspace that you have access to and one that has sufficient resources for your deployment.
  2. Name/Description: The name is required, a description is optional.
  3. Credentials: A username and password is required. Please use a good complex password, some Operating Systems will fail if the password provided is too simple. Click here for more details.
  4. Scheduling: You can schedule your Run to launch now, at a later date/time, or you can specify a recurring schedule.
  5. Options:
  • Leave the Configure Scenario checkbox checked (recommended)
  • Check the Automatically release deployment resources checkbox if you'd like CONS3RT to destroy your VMs after the deployment and tests have completed. This is useful if you only need Test Results, or don't need your VM once the assets have completed.
  • Check the Retain the deployment on error checkbox (recommended), this will leave your VMs available for troubleshooting if a problem occurs with your Run.
  • Uncheck Leave the CONS3RT agent on my host(s) . Only check this box if you need to use the CONS3RT agent after your run has completed. (this is not common)
  • Deployment Run Lock: Turn on if you'd like an extra layer of protection to prevent other users in your project from releasing your Run. See this article for details about how to release or cancel a "locked" Run.

Configure Resources

Select the Edit button under "System Specifications" text. At this point you will be able to adjust CPU Count/Memory, as well as add an additional boot disk.

Custom Properties

The Custom Properties field will be pre-populated with the data you set at Deployment creation time (or the previous Run of this Deployment). You may edit properties at this time. Click here for more information about Custom Properties.

Note: If you need to delete a custom property, leave the property name with an empty value like this: PROPERTY=

Submit your Run!

When you are satisfied with your Run options, click the Submit button! This will initiate your Deployment Run. CONS3RT will launch your Run in accordance with your System, Scenario, and Deployment specifications, and use the Run options you selected as described in this article. To access your Run, select Runs from the main navigation menu, and this will be the most recent Run shown on your My Runs page.

More Help

Learn more about launching a Deployment Run with our video tutorials: