Cloudspace Networking

Each CONS3RT cloudspace has two networks by default, each with a class C (/24) address space. One network is called cons3rt-net for use by CONS3RT for provisioning, asset installations, remote access, and services like the yum repository. The other default network is called the user-net, for use by you for systems-to-system communication, and for Internet access.

Cloudspace Networks

Team managers can add custom networks to Cloudspaces they manage. First, select cloudspaces in the navigation column on the left and then find the cloudspace you would like to configure and select it.

Choose Cloudspace

Next, click the "Manage" button and select "Networking" in the left column.

Manage Networking

Finally, add the new network by clicking "+ Add" and filling out the networking details.

Configure Network

If you select Allow traffic from this network to be routed externally, you will have the option to configure firewall, SNAT, and DNAT rules.

Configure Firewall

  • Ensure the gateway IP address is not in the chosen DHCP range
  • If the network fails to create, completely read the error message because it will include information to help you understand why the network wasn't created

IP Addressing in private Hanscom cloudspaces

This section is applicable to users with private Hanscom cloudspaces. Hanscom VMware-based cloudspaces typically use the following IP addressing scheme for the two networks:

  • cons3rt-net:
  • user-net:

On the user-net, the block of IPs is divided into pools as follows:

  • x.x.x.2-x.x.x.240: **CONS3RT range* dynamic pool used for auto assignment of IPs by CONS3RT
  • x.x.x.240-x.x.x254: reserved for CONS3RT services, do not use

IP Addressing in AWS, Azure, and Openstack

In AWS, Azure, and Openstack cloudspaces, there is also a cons3rt-net and user-net. Most AWS, Azure, and Openstack cloudspaces use the following IP addressing scheme be default:

  • user-net