Allocate a Cloudspace

As a Team Manager you can allocate a new cloudspace in one of the clouds your team owns. A cloudspace includes the resources and security features mentioned in this article on cloudspace security.

  • You can allocate multiple cloudspaces for your team (up to the team limit)
  • You can assign projects to cloudspaces as described in this article

To allocate a new cloudspace:

  • On the main menu, click Clouds
  • Select the cloud that you would like to allocate a cloudspace under
  • Click the ...Actions button at the top-right
  • Select Allocate new Cloudspace
New Cloudspace Settings
  • Optionally set a Managing Team, this would allow the other team to manage your cloudspace
  • Add a Cloudspace Name
  • Set the Maximum Virtual Machines (default is unlimited)
  • Leave Access Point blank
  • Set CIDR to
  • (Azure Only) Under the NAT instance information, set:
    • Image Reference to RHEL 6.8 by RedHat
    • Instance Size to BasicA0 (should be good enough for most cloudspaces, but you can set larger as desired)
  • Click Next

That's it! CONS3RT will allocate a new cloudspace into your cloud, including required resources and security features that go with each CONS3RT cloudspace.