Deleting an Asset

If an asset does not have any dependencies, it can be deleted. To delete an asset:

  • On the asset page, look for the gear-shaped icon on the right side next to "Details". You will see it if you have appropriate permissions
  • Click the gear icon, and select Delete this asset (see the image below)

In some cases, you may not need to delete the asset, but just want to remove it from your view. To accomplish this, set the asset state to retired or deprecated. See this article on how to use asset states.

Managing Asset Dependencies

If there are asset dependencies, the asset will not be deleted. To view dependencies, click on the Related tab on the asset page. You will need to delete any dependencies before this asset can be deleted.

If the asset is shared outside of your project, there may be an asset dependency that you cannot view or delete. If this is the case, set the asset state to Deprecated or Retired. This will remove the asset from your view, unless you explicitly check the Include Inactive checkbox at the top of the asset list page.

Example Asset Deletion

Delete an Asset