Obtain an ECA Certificate

HmC requires to use of a PKI credential. Users without a Common Access Card (CAC) can can authenticate using External Certificate Authority (ECA) certificates. Using ECA Certificates has many benefits:

  • Convenient site access using your browser or mobile device
  • Convenient method for making ReST API calls

Info on Obtaining an ECA certificate

HmC requires PKI credentials (CAC, ECA, or DoD Interoperability Approved) for authentication. The software-based Medium Assurance ECA Certificate is the best solution for most contractors, developers and testers. An ECA Medium Assurance Software Certificate or the ECA Medium Token Assurance stored on a separate Smart Card or USB Token can also be used. For machine-to-machine API connections, ECA Medium Assurance TLS/SSL is required.

DoD External and Federal PKI Interoperability

If your agency or employer is part of the DoD External and Federal PKI Interoperability program, those credentials can also be used in HmC:

Add a Certificate to your CONS3RT Account

Follow these instructions to add an ECA Certificate to your existing account