Logging in to HmC with a Certificate

HmC uses certificate-based authentication only. There is no username/password access to HmC. Certificate options are:

Logging in to HmC

  1. First an foremost, ensure your certificate is loaded into your browser
  • If using a CAC, ensure you have the proper middleware installed, and your CAC is inserted into your CAC reader
  • If using an ECA certificate, ensure the certificate has been imported into your browser
  1. Navigate to the HmC site URL https://hmc.hpc.mil
  2. You will be prompted to select a certificate. Select the same certificate you used to register for an account
  3. Click Agree at the Notice and Consent page
  4. Click the Sign-In button at the top right

Note: If you selected a different certificate than was registered, your login will fail, but you can add the certificate to your HmC account using these instructions

If you have any trouble logging in with your client certificate, check out our troubleshooting page.

If your HmC account has not been approved, please review the HmC Account Approval Process.

More Help

Learn more about Certificates with our YouTube tutorials: