Windows 2012 Templates

In order to get a Windows 2012 template working in a VMware vCloud cloudspace, there are a few additional steps required. This is due to a bug in vCloud between Windows 2012 and the network drivers, as detailed in this VMware article

To create a template that will not run into this issue:

  1. Login to your virtual data center (vDC) in vCloud.
  2. Go to Catalogs and select the Public catalog (i.e. “cons3rt_public_new” or "CEMS Community").
  3. Right click on the VM template called “template-windows-2012-x64” and add it “Add to MyCloud” (no need to power on).
  4. Select the “My Cloud” tab and wait for the Windows 2012 vApp to create.
  5. Click in to the vApp and right-click on the VM. Go to “Properties” and select the “Hardware Tab”.
  6. Scroll down to NICs, click “Add” and check the “Show Network Type” box.
  7. Select the designated CONS3RT network (e.g. “CONS3RTNetwork”) and choose “E1000” as the network type. A CONS3RT network” can be added if one does not already exist.
  8. Click OK and go back to My Cloud.
  9. Select the vApp and click “Add to Catalog”. Use: “template-windows-2012-x64-VDCNAME” for the template name.

Once these steps have been completed, contact our admin team so that we can register template-windows-2012-x64-VDCNAME for use.