Elastic Test Tools

CONS3RT supports the following tools as Elastic Test Tools:

Tenable Nessus

  • Vulnerability scanning, malware detection
  • Configuration auditing, compliance checking

Web Exploit Suite

  • A suite comprised of three tools (Nmap, Nikto, and Metasploit)
  • Identifies IP addresses, ports, services, and known vulnerabilities
  • Attempts to exploit identified services and vulnerabilities

SmartBear soapUI

  • Test your SOAP and ReSTful Web Services
  • Automated Load/Performance Testing
  • Service simulation

Worksoft Certify

  • Functional testing of web technologies, mobile apps, big data, and hybrid cloud environments

Test Script

  • Runs a simple shell script as a test
  • Your Test Script can trigger other testing or functionality

Fortify Source Code Scan

Sonarlint Source Code Scanning

  • An open-source source code quality and vulnerability scanner
  • No license required!


  • Captures and simulates the behavior, data and performance characteristics of complete composite application environments