Offline Asset Bundle Installer

The Asset Bundle Installer feature is available on a per project basis. This feature allows users to download the asset bundle for a System in a Deployment Run, for use in an offline environment outside of CONS3RT. Each asset bundle provisions assets onto a single system outside of CONS3RT, based on a completed CONS3RT deployment run.

Please contact support to have this feature added to your project.

Important Considerations

  • Asset Permissions - In order to download an asset bundle, you must have visibility to all of the assets on the underlying System. If the System contains a private asset, or an asset that is not visible to you, you will not be able to download the asset bundle.

  • Asset Internet Connectivity - If you are installing this bundle in an offline environment, be sure to use assets that will function properly without Internet connectivity. For example, an asset that uses "yum install" would require connectivity to a yum repository.

  • Asset Reboots - The asset bundle installer is unable to reboot the Operating System in between asset installs. Please develop your assets such that they do not require rebooting until after all assets are installed.

Download an Asset Bundle

The asset bundle can be downloaded from a Deployment Run that has completed successfully (or is "Reserved") without error.

  1. Once your Deployment Run has completed without error, navigate to the Run page
  2. Click on the host with the assets that you would like to download as a bundle
  3. Click Download to download the asset bundle.

Note: The download may take some time depending on the size of the bundle.

Use an Asset Bundle

Please read the prerequisites below to use an asset bundle that has been downloaded from CONS3RT.

Target Operating System Requirements

The assets contained in this bundle were verified on a CONS3RT OS Template. The target OS template for the offline asset installer bundle should resemble the CONS3RT OS Template as much as possible.

  • If your assets do not do patching (they should), match the OS major, minor versions, and patch level as much as possible

  • The asset bundle installer requires Java to run. Please install the latest JRE 8 before running the command listed below.

  • Use assets to implement STIG rules, so they will be included and verified as part of the asset bundle

  • The cons3rt-agent directory and CONS3RT Agent tools are NOT required to exist on the target OS template.


To run the asset bundle installer:

  1. Unzip the asset bundle
  2. Change into the top-level directory of the unzipped bundle
  3. Run the following command:

java -jar asset-bundle-installer.jar [path to top level of unzipped bundle] [-dryrun] [-debug]

-debug enable debug-level logging
-dryrun execute in dry run mode - do not actually run installer scripts
-help print help and exit