Obtain an ECA Certificate

HmC requires to use of a PKI credential. Users without a Common Access Card (CAC) can can authenticate using External Certificate Authority (ECA) Certificates. Using ECA Certificates has many benefits:

  • Convenient site access using your browser or mobile device
  • Convenient method for making ReST API calls

Info on Obtaining an ECA Certificate

External Certificate Authority (ECA) (http://iase.disa.mil/pki/eca/Pages/index.aspx). The Medium SHA-256 Assurance certificate is acceptable.

Other Options

If your agency or employer is part of the DoD External and Federal PKI Interoperability program (http://iase.disa.mil/pki-pke/interoperability/Pages/index.aspx), those credentials can also be used in HmC.

Add a Certificate to your CONS3RT Account

Follow these instructions to add an ECA Certificate to your existing account